8peat is a Studio with focus
on design, animation & Direction.

Based out of the unruly suburbs of Chicago, Illinois – 8peat is a studio with focus on design, animation, and direction. But really we're also an ass-kicking husband / wife duo, I ( Flo ) responsible for all your project's creative duties: your designer, animator, illustrator-extraordinaire. My smarter & more organized wife ( Sarah ) ensures that bills are invoiced on-time, emails are returned promptly, and helps turn projects into lasting partnerships. We love to collaborate with dedicated smart people that have causes worth championing.
We're big believers in using the power of imagination & storytelling to carry your business objectives forward.

Give us a shout and let's chat about how we can help!

  Flo Zumberi   •     Crea tive Director  |    Principal

Flo Zumberi  •  Creative Director  |  Principal

  Sarah Zumberi       •    Business Director    |      Principal

Sarah Zumberi     Business Director  |  Principal